how often to water peace lilies

What are Peace Lilies?

 Quiet, tropical, wonderful. Sounds great, isn’t that so? You can step toward carrying that kind of mood to your preferred room by developing peace lilies.  

A long-lasting most loved of those with a green-thumb and even those without, Spathiphyllum, usually known as the peace lily, is a versatile and low-upkeep houseplant.

The conspicuous piece of the bloom includes a white, hoodlike sheath (known as a spathe) which looks like a white banner of give up.

Peace lilies are one of the most well-known houseplants since they’re anything but difficult to become and wonderful, as well! Here’s all that you have to think about thinking about a peace lily in your home.

What makes them special?

One of the main features of peace lilies is not just its stunning beauty — an enhancement to the house’s ambiance — but the purification of air. Trust me, this is no BS. Peace lilies are known to be significant air purifiers. They are known as air purifying wonders. That said, you certainly cannot expect just a flower or two to clear up your entire house.

Here is a resource which can help you understand the air purification aspect of Peace Lilies.

How to care for Peace Lilies?

Peace Lilies Indoor Care

Peace Lilies can be grown in places with very high humidity & mild winter temperatures, similar to Hawai or Florida. Peace lily indoors are not fast growers, especially if they aren’t getting a great amount of sunshine. That is why, for their optimum care, they need to placed in an area where they get at least 4-5 hours of moderate sunlight each day.

However, you need to be careful that the heat isn’t too strong. This depends on the region you live in and the average temperatures in that area. If the sunshine is too bright or the heat is too strong, your lily will burn, especially because peace lilies have thinner leaves than most houseplants.

peace lily indoor

How often to Water Peace Lilies?

If you’re looking for a specific answer to this question, that doesn’t exist.

Honestly, watering a flower of any kind has no specific timing. It just depend on your region & environment. If you’re living in a really hot region, then of course you would have to water your lilies much more often. That said, there is one way to figure out if you need to water it at the moment or not.

Put your finger into the gardening soil to decide whether it’s a great opportunity to water your peace lily. In the event that the dirt feels soggy to the main knuckle, it’s too early for watering harmony lilies. And if that the dirt feels dry, it’s an ideal opportunity to give your tranquility lily a beverage of water.

How to Water Peace Lilies?

Peace lily is one of those plants which needs to be watered everyday. Let the top dry 2/3rd until you water the plant again. Most people replace this type of lily because of either under or over watering. Check if the soil is wet or has traces of being soggy before watering it again. Additionally, during the winters, back off from the watering situation.

peace lily drooping

Where Should You Grow Peace Lilies?

These lilies are one of those flowers that can be grown anywhere– whether it be your closet or the backyard. That said, it does not mean you should grow them inside the closet. Here are a few things to keep in mind while considering the location of the growth of peace lilies.

Sunlight – For peace lilies, sunlight is basically the key. If they do not get enough sunlight, they will not bloom. period. And if they get a little too much of intense sun, they will burn. So you need to perfectly clear about the sunlight situation at your location.

Outside – Although most people go for growing these flowers inside, they can also be grown outside if you want. But again, be sure there’s enough shade for them. You can check out some these amazing flower pots here.

Pre-Cautions for Peace Lilies:

Air Conditioners – Peace lilies should be away from air conditioners or heated rooms. They can have a very negative impact on your flowers.

Soil – Use an organic soil when repotting these flowers. Trust me, they will exceed your expectations.

Pruning – Don’t worry about this too much. Only prune if you want to & the dryness is showing excessively. Otherwise don’t stress over it.

 Now comes the main question, can peace lilies be grown in water?  The straight-forward answer to this is yes. Even so that mostly, these lilies are sold in vases which are full of water and contain no soil at all. Yet they survive in it. Although, we may suggest that you put in some stones at the base or something of the sort that prevents their roots from being constantly wet all the time.


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