how to get rid of grasshoppers

how to get rid of grasshoppersI hope you will agree when I say:

 “You might get visitors if your garden beds are surrounded by grass and these grasshoppers can leave a catastrophic effect on your crops.” 

You have completed your ultimate step and that is you have planted your crops perfectly in your raised garden beds. You are doing your best to avoid insects through pesticides and all other means successfully. Yet, you still can’t control the number of grasshoppers eating and destroying your crops.

How to get rid of these grasshoppers? even when they infiltrate your basement? Luckily for you, in this blog, we will go through several ways you can eliminate these insects of mass destruction and protect your crops. Let me guide you to our top organic ways to prevent and kill grasshoppers. Moreover, there is a FAQ to help you.

1.Rotto-till your crops

 You might have heard, “Prevention is better than cure.”

So is in this case. First, you need to know a little about the grasshopper’s lifecycle before we answer how to get rid of grasshoppers. Females prefer to lay their eggs where the eggs won’t be disturbed. The eggs are mostly laid in late summers in large groups inside the soil. They are to be hatched in spring, and on arrival, the young seek food from nearby crops.

What can you do to prevent this? Tilling your soil in autumn would help you expose all those eggs so you can get rid of them. This technique helps you to prevent hatching, eliminating the possibility of them gobbling on your crop.

This is certainly not enough. To make sure you completely get the solution to your question of “how to keep grasshoppers away,” you need to till the soil again just before spring starts and get rid of those leftover eggs you might have missed. Besides that, keep an eye on your soil condition to make sure your plants can fight these to get rid of grasshoppers


2.Soil care

Healthy soil means a healthy crop. Exactly why, you need to make sure you treat your crop with biologically active soil. Not only is this an answer to “how to keep grasshoppers away,” but also facilitates the growth of particular micro-organisms that can lead to diseases in grasshoppers.

Furthermore, another good practice to get rid of grasshoppers is to introduce nosema locustae (living fungi spore). These help in killing tiny grasshopper that looks like bugs.

3.Garlic Spray or Hot Pepper Spray

garlicWe recommend Organic ways to control grasshoppers. And Garlic spray is one of the few eco-friendly ways to get rid of grasshoppers. Let me explain to you!

The strong odor of garlic or the taste of cayenne peppers acts as a grasshopper repellent. A great way to utilize this piece of information is to make sprays that can spritz the content on your plants. This organic spray lasts for 2 weeks and can prevent your crops from the grasshopper’s appetite.

The great thing about this particular way is you can actually make this in your house. It’s easy and simple. You take two bulbs of garlic and crush them to release the oil. Mix the crushed garlic with 10 cups of water and boil it. Allow the mixture to settle in through the night and then you can pour it into the spray bottle. And you are ready to go!

Even though you can make your own garlic spray, there are amazing sprays available online. Moreover, you can also find Hot Pepper Spray on Amazon or other online stores. However, keep in mind the pepper spray can make your crop a little spicy. Exactly why garlic spray is preferred.

4.All-purpose Flour

how to get rid of grasshoppersAs unusual it might sound, this is one of the most effective ways to get you the solution of how to get rid of grasshoppers.

All you need to do is apply some flour to the leaves of your plants. The all-purpose flour gets sticky due to water content mixing with it. Once the grasshopper takes a bite of the leaf, the flour acts as gum and blocks the grasshopper’s mouth. The grasshopper can’t consume any more food, hence it results in it dying from starvation.

Interesting, right? You just need to make sure not to use any other type of flour which may cause harm to your plant.

5.Neem Oil

how to get rid of grasshoppersThis is the most prominent technique in the old books you can use as grasshopper repellent. The Neem oil is extracted from plants and has many disinfected properties which makes it a great ingredient in insecticides.

The interesting fact is that this can be used in almost all fruits, nuts, vegetables, and herbs. The Neem oil kills grasshoppers, controls aphids, beetles, and even kills tiny grasshopper that looks like bugs. This is one of the reasons why this is highly preferable.

6.Keep Predators for Grasshoppers

This solution is rather simple, but highly effective too. What eats grasshoppers? Any animal who eats grasshoppers is a great solution to your problem.

Animals like chickens, guinea hens, even ducks can aid in eradicating grasshoppers. These animals love to munch on insects and can be of immense help to solve the bug problem. However, you need to be careful, since the animals can also attack your garden if you are not cautious.

If you can afford to keep these animals, there is another solution to this. Try lurking wild birds by spreading seeds and placing posts in your garden. This attracts birds who love to consume insects and can help get rid of grasshoppers.

7. Provide an Alternative Habitat

Grasshoppers love to hide in weeds and tall grass, so you can use this to your advantage. Providing grasshoppers untamed grass near your garden can help you to attract them to the grass. A perfect solution to how to keep grasshoppers away from your crops.

Moreover, you can even provide a migrating path to facilitate migration.

8.Boric Acid

How to get rid of grasshoppers in the basement? Boric acid is a great way out. It is highly effective in killing grasshoppers and other dangerous insects.

All you need to do is sprinkle the boric acid on places where the grasshoppers appear the most and they would die of dehydration and starvation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do grasshoppers bite?

Ans) Grasshoppers don’t bite a human being, they only consume leaves. Locust on the other hand does bite.

Q) How many types of grasshoppers are there?

Ans) There are as many as 10, or even more grasshoppers you can find. To learn more, check this out.

Q) Is it safe to consume grasshopper powder?

Ans) Yes! Grasshopper powder is an excellent source of high-quality nutrients.

Q) What eats grasshoppers?

Ans) Animals like chickens, ducks, and even wild birds feed on grasshoppers. Human Being also eats grasshoppers as they provide proteins.


You can use a variety of methods to get rid of grasshoppers. It mostly depends on which method you prefer to use and which is actually working for your garden.

All the above methods mentioned in this article, “How to Get Rid of Grasshoppers” are found to be effective to solve the bug problem and are affordable. You can choose any of the above methods and try it out for the best results.

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