saving a dead tree

The top of the tree, known as a crown as well, is one of the most important parts of your tree. Indeed, even with a healthy amount of rainfall, your tree may not be getting the water it needs to flourish and endure the seasons. Furthermore, there are also common diseases as to why do trees from the top down.

 Dieback is characterized as the continuous passing of tree limbs or plant shoots that spread from the tips internal to the storage compartment or stem.  

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What causes Dieback of your half dead tree?

For your tree to die from the top, there are multiple reasons. The number one step is to identify the reason the branches are turning out to be that way. This can be brought about by numerous issues including, root pressure or harm, insects infestation, drought, and soil imbalance.

Common Causes:

Here a few of the causes that top of tree dead and bottom alive. Identification is the first step to solving this issue.

Soil Imbalance:

Soil is made out of minerals, natural and inorganic materials, water and air. At the point when these levels escape balance they can prevent the tree from retaining the supplements it needs to endure. Sandy soil may not hold dampness well, and can likewise be somewhat of an issue.

Root Stress:

In the event that the roots are harmed by late development, are experiencing soil stress, or experiencing supporting root disorder the tree may display crown decay. In the event that you can’t discover any indications of life, that is a solid marker that your dirt isn’t sound or good.


An absence of sufficient water can prompt passing of the top piece of a tree also. Trees that experience the ill effects of drought normally pass on starting from the top and from the external branches in. Trees experiencing dry season are probably going to be influenced by bugs, infection, or both. You can battle drought by completely watering trees and mulching to hold dampness.

For more Info, you can check out water relations of evergreen and drought-related trees.

Insects Infestation:

Invasive insects can also accelerate the dieback. At the point when trees are stressed, they produce more amount of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Subsequently, the trees become progressively appealing to creepy crawly aggressors.

How to solve Dieback?

If your tree is having some dead branches, or tree areas, just cut the dead part. For every one of the causes recorded above, there is a particular strategy to stop or even switch it.

What to do?

It’s significant that your tree get the correct treatment if it is dying from the top. An inappropriate conclusion and treatment can additionally harm your delicate tree. Here are some things you can do when your tree is experiencing the above mentioned diseases.

Soil Imbalance Treatment:

To identify if the cause truly is soil problems, you will need to get a soil test kit from your local nursery or buy off from amazon. Use the kit to figure out if there is imbalance around the affected trees. Then find the appropriate treatments accordingly. If you want to know more about potting soil, check out this resource.

Drought Treatment:

When the season is dry or when precipitation is rare, give your trees an exhaustive watering once per week. You need the main 10 to 12 inches of soil to be very wet, that is the place 90 percent of the roots are. For more info on watering, you can check out this resource.

Insects Infestation Treatment:

In the event that your tree is experiencing a insects invasion, it will probably require an appropriately applied bug spray treatment. When an invasion is confirmed in the branches on a tree, bug sprays, traps, and oil can be utilized to murder the already there insects and anticipate further pervasion. To shield your tree from a bug assault, you should attempt to guarantee the tree is solid in different manners as well.

Saving A Dead Tree

A lot of people have wrecked up trees and are wonder “How on earth will they save their tree?” Well, there is good news. With proper treatment & precautions, even half dead trees can be saved.

Once you have figured out the reason your tree is dying from the top, yet the bottom is striving, there is hope. There’s no secret formula though. The key is to observe the tree throughout the season and experimenting until your tree becomes rigid, firm and starts growing leaves at the top again.

 So prepare your gardening kits & be ready to get your hands dirty. And always remember, we always have your back here at Expert Plant Man. Happy Gardening!  


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