best wheelbarrow for gardening

I hope you will agree with me when I say:

 wheelbarrows are one of the most essential gardening tools 

but it is only helpful if you have the aid of the best wheelbarrows for gardening. Gardening is a very rewarding process, as you pour in so much time and love into the plants, and seeing them prosper brings a sense of comfort to everyone.

It involves moving heavy pots from part to another and it can only be done without hassle with help of the best wheelbarrows for gardening.

Best wheelbarrows make your work super easy and hassle-free. Now you must be asking yourself the question that ‘ what is the best wheelbarrow?’. Well, fret not as I have reviewed the top 8 best wheelbarrows you can find online.

I have also attached a guide for the proper treatment of your wheelbarrows at the end. And if you feel like growing mushrooms, here is a guide to that too.

Best Wheelbarrows For Gardening [2021]

Here are our top picks!

Indoor Plant PotsRating
WORX Aerocart
10/10 (editor's choice)
Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel
Simplay3 Easy Haul 
Garden Star 70019 
Goplus Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow
True Temper RP810 
Marathon Yard Rover  8/10
Garden Star 70005

1-WORX Aerocart

Why we love it:

  • Leverage makes 200lbs feel light
  • Transforms into 8 different carts
  • Dual wheel wheelbarrow for extra support

✅ Flat free tires❌ Heavy
✅ 8 in 1 design
✅ Lift upto 200 lbs

Why do we recommend it? 

2-Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel

Why we love it:

  • Utilitarian design
  • Ergonomic wheelbarrow
  • Dual wheel for stability

✅ Durable handlebar❌ understated design
✅ 5 cubic feet capacity
✅ Lift upto 330 lbs

Why do we recommend it? 

3-Simplay3 Easy Haul

Why we love it:

  • easy to tilt design
  • Bonus storage tray for garden tools
  • Heavy-duty plastic built

✅ Durable handlebar❌ plastic tires
✅ Heavy duty, double wall resin construction
✅ 4 cubic feet of capacity

Why do we recommend it? 

4-Garden Star 70019

Why we love it:

  • Looks like a Jackson wheelbarrow
  • Little effort tilting action
  • Quick assembly

✅ 400 pound load capacity❌ boring design
✅ wheel barrow of steel
✅ 6cubic feet of capacity

Why do we recommend it? 

5-Goplus Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow

Why we love it:

  • Glossy finish exterior
  • 13-inch pneumatic tires
  • Easy to assemble

✅ 390 lbs load capacity❌ Tires can be punctured
✅ enforced steel construction

Why do we recommend it? 

6-True Temper RP810

Why we love it:

  • Hardwood handles
  • 8 cubic foot poly tray

✅ sleek and stylish❌ Tires can be punctured
✅ dual wheel

Why do we recommend it? 

7-Marathon Yard Rover

Why we love it:

  • Weighs less than other wheelbarrows
  • Rust proof

✅ Looks similar to jackson wheelbarrow❌ Tires can be punctured
✅ 400 lbs capacity

Why do we recommend it? 

8-Garden Star 70005

Why we love it:

  • Quick assembly
  • 400 lbs load capacity

✅ Looks similar to jackson wheelbarrow❌ Tires can be punctured
✅ spare parts readily available

Why do we recommend it? 


I hope this guide has everything that you are looking for in a wheelbarrow. Remember that you should always prefer a wheelbarrow when handling heavy weights day in day out because you need to give your back some rest.

We have compiled this list for you so from the best wheelbarrow reviews we sorted over amazon listings. We hope to help you in making the right decision always. If you have any questions such as ‘what size is a standard wheelbarrow?’, feel free to leave us a message and we will get back to you soon.

No matter which wheelbarrow you choose to buy from this list, you will be a satisfied customer, that’s for sure.

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Taking care of wheelbarrows

As you can already assess from this article that wheelbarrows are expensive but they are totally worth the price. Imagine having to move around bags of compost on your own without the help of these wheels. You would surely kill your back in the process.

Hence it is of utmost importance that you take good care of your gardening tools including the wheelbarrow. Yes, they are sturdy tools but a little maintenance can go a long way.

Many wheelbarrows have wooden handles and over time they are subject to wear and tear. Water and sweat can easily damage the wooden handles. A basic rule is to wipe your handles dry after every use to prevent the moisture from soaking into it. Some people also suggest oiling the handles to form a hydrophobic layer on it.

Taking care of the barrow/tub of the wheelbarrow is essential too. After all, it is where you carry the stuff. It is always a good practice to scrub clean your barrow after every use to prevent the build-up of dirt. If you have a metal tub then make sure to dry your barrow after use before storing it as it can rust and compromise the structural integrity of it.

Taking good care of the axle and wheels is also important as you need to grease the axle regularly to prevent it from jamming. Also, be sure to keep your tires well inflated with a bicycle pump as keeping them inflated prolongs their life.

Following these basic tips will ensure that your wheelbarrows can last a lifetime without you needing to order spares every now and then.

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