Best Soil for Tomatoes in Raised Beds

I hope you will agree when I say :

 “It is no child’s play to grow perfect healthy tomatoes in raised beds” 

That said, let dig deep into the process. There are numerous factors which are to be taken into consideration before growing tomatoes. Proper sunlight, adequate space, proper watering schedule and maintenance are all the key factors. However, having the best soil for tomatoes in raised beds significantly makes the end product worth the effort.

Growing tomatoes in raised beds is a tricky business. You need to make sure your soil have the right components, perfect ph and proper nutrients. It surely gets overwhelming to know what you need, but don’t worry, I have mentioned the best soil conditions for tomatoes for your aid.

Moreover, after spending hours on research, I have compiled a list of best soil for tomatoes in raised beds so that you don’t have to. Not only this, for your convenience, I have also included a guide on “How to prepare soil to grow tomatoes” and a FAQ.

Best Soil for Tomatoes in Raise Beds

Here are our top picks for best soil for tomatoes you can buy online:

Soil mixRating
Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix 10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Espoma Organic Potting Mix9.5/10
Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizer Bag9/10
Black Gold All Purpose Soil 8/10
Miracle-Gro Expand 'n Gro Concentrated Mix 8.5/10
Burpee Organic Premium Mix8/10
FoxFarm Forest Potting Soil 7/10
Perfect Plants Organic mix 8/10


1.Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix, 16 qt.

Why we love it:

  • High water holding capacity
  • Essential nutrients
  • Trusted company
  • Perfect pH

✅ Can feed upto 6 months❌ Might be infested with gnats
✅ Contains coconut coir❌ Smaller quantity than it looks

2.Espoma AP4 4-Quart Organic Potting Mix

Why we love it:

  • 100% organic
  • Facilitates roots development
  • Retains water


✅ Myco-tone formula for retaining water❌ Might be infested with gnats
✅ Helps in root growth❌ Mold might develop

If you are new to indoor gardening, this tomato soil should be your choice. The soil mix is organic and clean. The product contains sphagnum peat moss, perlite, humus and other essential components which helps in quick and efficient germinating.

3.Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizer Poly Bag

Why we love it:

  • Made of all natural ingredients
  • No chemicals


✅ Gives boost to the size of fruit❌ Unpleasant smell
✅ Highly rich in nutirents❌ Description on bag might not match the description on website


Looking for soil mixture for raised vegetable garden? This product might be of interest.

4.Black Gold 1310102 Purpose Potting Soil

Why we love it:

  • MultiCode functionality
  • USA made
  • For all type of vegetables

✅ Timely release essential nutrients❌ Might be shipped with fungus and mold in it
✅ Can be used for all kind of vegetables and fruits❌ Expensive

5.Miracle-Gro Expand ‘n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix

Why we love it:

  • High water holding capacity
  • Takes less space



✅ Light and airy❌Might be infested with flies
✅ Comes with instructions❌ Expanding soil might be problematic for some

It is no surprise that this planting mix makes it to the top 5 of this list. Since tomatoes require a fair amount of water, its significant water holding capacity and improved water retention makes it the best soil for tomatoes in raised beds.

6.Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix

Why we love it :

  • Omri listed for organic use
  • Contains plant food


✅100% organic❌Might be infested with gnats
✅ Grows 2x bigger fruits❌ Expensive


This product from Burpee is an ideal choice for raised garden bed soil. It works well with most of the vegetables especially tomatoes in raised beds. Because this blend is enriched in Burpee plant food, it nourishes your plant up to 3 months making it the best soil mix for tomatoes.

7.Fox Farm Ocean Forest Plant Garden Potting Soil Mix

Why we love it:

  • Premium ingredients
  • Contains necessary nutritions
  • Ideal tomato soil pH

✅ Slightly acidic pH which helps in plant growth❌Overpriced
✅ Contains earthworm casting which removes toxins❌ Might have gnats issue

8.Organic Potting Mix by Perfect Plants

Why we love it:

  • Organic soil
  • Comes with instruction
  • Great with drainage

✅ Organic ingredients❌Contains alot of bark
✅ Mycorrhizae enrichment develops roots❌ Might have gnats issue


If you are a novice gardener looking for an organic soil mix for tomatoes. Look no further. This organic potting mix by Perfect Plant is one of the best soil mix for raised garden beds. With its all natural ingredients, it gives the best soil treatment for tomatoes and its mycorrhizae enrichment facilitate root development as well as flushes bacteria.


The above mention soil mix have been compiled into the list of the best soil for tomatoes in raised beds after much contemplation and research of soil mix reviews. Finding the perfect soil mix for your tomatoes would be definitely easy with the above list. Every soil has its pros and cons, but you can choose the right one based on your preference.

If you are still a beginner in indoor gardening, I would highly suggest you to get to know your plants before you start planting them. It is a good idea to start from YouTube videos on how to plant tomatoes and how do you prepare soil to grow tomatoes.

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The best soil conditions for tomatoes

Take Notes:

There are lots of factor to keep in mind before you actually plant the seed. It can be overwhelming for beginners but don’t worry, I will make this as precise and efficient for you as it can be.

The best soil for tomatoes in raised beds should be a loose soil like sandy loam. It should be aerated, well-drained but moisture-retaining, packed full of organic matter, nutrients, a higher level of phosphorus & potassium, and a slightly acidic pH level between 6 to 6.8. Keep in mind tomato soil pH is important so check the labels before buying your soil.


Guide on how to prepare soil to grow tomatoes?

Here is a step wise procedure to prepare soil to grow tomatoes:

Step 1: Choose the perfect soil with right nutrients and correct tomato soil pH. Put it inside the container/raised bed and mix it with plant food and a little fertilizer. Step 2: Dig the soil 8-10 inches deep and remove any rocks and debris. Also crush large clods of soil and check pH. Step 3: Bury the plant so that 2/3 rd stem is covered. If you need a detailed guide, this resource might help you.



Frequently Asked Questions

How far apart to plant tomatoes in raised bed?

You need to leave them ample space for its roots to grow properly. Ideally, leave 2 feet(0.61 metres) gap in rows while plants being 50 inches apart in those rows. This gives you space to navigate your plant and help you harvest them easily.

How many tomato plants in a 4×4 raised bed?

You can plant maximum 5 plants in a 4×4 raised bed. 4 in each corner and one in center.

When should you plant tomatoes in Texas?

Tomatoes are tropical plants so they do not like to be outside when temperatures are below fifty degrees. An optimum time to plant tomatoes would be the end of January.

How to plant tomatoes?

If you are growing a seed, plant them 0.25 inc deep. As soon as you see the second leaves, transfer them to a plastic container, planting them more deeper than before to ensure a better healthy root system.


 “So, get your gardening soil and start growing those perfect, healthy tomatoes for your kitchen”!  [simple-author-box]








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