8 Best Pots for Succulents To Choose From [Aesthetic Ones]

Pots for Succulents plants

I hope you will agree with me when I say

Decorating pots is not a look, its a point of view
That said, growing & putting succulents in your homes gives your house an extravagant look. However there is ONE problem. Finding the best pots for succulents is not an easy job.

So, to provide you with ease, after spending hours on research, I have enlisted top planters for Succulents which you can buy online. These pots are not only used for succulents, but you can also try to plant small orchids in them as well. To relieve your stress, I have also included a guide on “How to plant succulents” and “Tips on planting succulents”. So go on, and select the most suitable pot which fits your needs.

Best Pots for Succulents 2021:

Here is a list of our top picks for pots that you can get online:

Succulent PotsRatingPrice
SQOWLMarble Ceramic Succulent Planter 9/10
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Flowerpot Baby Groot Succulent Planter 10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Check Price
Greenaholics 3 Succulent Plant Pots 8.5/10
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Mkono Indoor Wall Hanging Planter 9.5/10
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Kimisty Mid Century Round Planter Bowl 8/10
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FLOWERPLUS Modern White Ceramic Pot 8.5/10
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Pots with Gold and Grey Detailing 10/10
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Round Succulent Pot with Drainage Hole 7/10
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1. SQOWL 3.2 inch 3 Marble Ceramic Succulent Planters

cute pots for succulentsWhy we love it

  • Comes with Bamboo trays which add to the Aesthetic touch
  • Can be used for succulents, herbs & cactus
  • Great value for money

✅ Perfect Mediocre Size❌ Drain hole should’ve been larger
✅ Unmatchable Quality
❌ Wood can stain after a while

2. Flowerpot Treeman Baby Groot Succulent Planter

cute pots for succulentsWhy we love it

  • Can be used as flowerpot or plant pot
  • Made from eco-friendly PVC material.
  • makes a great gift & decoration for children & adults.

✅ 4 Styles in one box❌ Comparatively High Price
✅ Graceful look

3. Greenaholics 3 Greek Style Succulent Plant Pots

small pots for succulentsWhy we love it

  • Pack of 3 astonishing looking pots
  • Available in MULTIPLE traditional designs
  • Handcrafted patterns

✅ Budget Friendly❌ Small sized
✅ Glazed inside & out

4. Mkono Macrame 4 Indoor Wall Hanging Succulent Planter

 white pots for succulentsWhy we love it

  • Versatile style that hangs from a hook
  • Amazing gift to give a vintage lover
  • Designs to accommodate both medium to large pots

✅ Affordable with best quality❌ Ropes are very thin
✅ Strong cotton cording rope

5. Kimisty Mid Century Large Round Succulent Planter Bowl

pots for succulents for saleWhy we love it

  • Attention grabbing, memorable decoration piece
  • Good for people who like shallow pots
  • Works for small, medium or large succulents

✅ Great Drainage system
❌ Not Budget-Friendly/Expensive

✅ Gorgeous style & great quality

6. FLOWERPLUS 7 Modern White Ceramic Succulent Pots

ceramic pots for succulentsWhy we love it

  • Most grounded and tough quality
  • Easy to clean with bamboo tray
  • Great customer service

✅ Set of 7 with inexpensive Price❌ Only can hold small succulents
✅ Drainage hole is fashionably dressed

7. 2 White Ceramic Pots with Gold and Grey Detailing

unique pots for succulentsWhy we love it

  • Similar hues makes them looks flawlessly!
  • Look good both indoors & outdoors
  • Most compliment stealing pots

✅ Removable plug comes within
❌ Filmsy
✅ Incredible quality

8. 7.3 inch Round Succulent Pot with Drainage Hole

flower pots for succulentsWhy we love it

  • Suitable for most size of plants
  • Perfect gifts for those who love potted topiary
  • Drain hole keeps your plants breathable and solid

✅ Wide enough to carry many plants❌ The base is very small
✅ Offers a great value for money


The above mentioned succulent pots have been compiled in a list of the best pots for succulents after much contemplation and research of succulent pots reviews. This list will definitely help you find the perfect succulent planters for your home/office because it is always a good option to find great cheap succulent pots than overpriced tiny pots for succulents.

What are Succulents

Succulents are a gathering of plants that store water in their leaves. The leaves will in general be thick and meaty, yet a few class and plant categories have thicker leaves than others. Succulents will in general flourish in dry atmospheres and don’t like a ton of moistness.

Some people confuse cactus with succulents, however, the relationship between the two isn’t as simple. Nearly all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti.

That is why it is important to find great pots for succulents for sale, which will have a great drainage system. The small pots for succulents work amazing for that.

In other words, succulents require warm temperatures because if not, the water stored in their leaves could freeze. But beware, if not watered enough, they can also burn out. One of the most fascinating feature is their ability to propagate. Such is the need for prominent plant pots for succulents.

How to plant succulents?

Planting succulents inside isn’t done vastly different from different plants in pots. Ensure pots have drain openings, or plan to lay them on their sides in the wake of watering to enable overabundance water to deplete out.

When it comes to succulents, many people make a lot of tiny mistakes which result in very bad outcomes or the rotting of the plants. If you are worried about making those mistakes, here is something that might help.

How to plant succulents indoors?

Key is to remember that you need to put the pots in a well lit area, watering them enough but not too much, using potting soils specifically for succulents &  keeping distance between the cute planters for succulents. Keep all of this in mind before you start digging into the pots!

tips for growing succulents


Tips on planting succulents

These are really unique pots for succulents which you can use to grow succulents at home. Starting off with the right kind of succulents & the weather of your region are two of the most important factors. An amazing start would be the succulents that are generally green.

Secondly, place the indoor succulent planter near the most brightest place at your home or office. The cute pots for succulents aren’t always the most useful, but using our list, you can find the cutest, yet most effective pots!

succulent pots amazon

Moreover, always avoid containers for succulents which do not have a drainage system. This may not seem important but will determine the success of your succulent plant. And lastly, if it isn’t obvious enough, you need to figure out and find the best pots for succulents in the market. Which is where we come in!

Whether you use glass or clay pots for succulents, just remember to take a lot of care of your plant, and water less frequently, but when watering, water a lot.

Although distinguishing between succulents and other plants is hard, here is a resource that might help you!

 So, get your gardening kits & get the greatest pots on the market. Get ready to get your hands dirty. And remember, we always got your back! Happy planting! 

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