I hope you agree with me when i say:

Roses are an easy elegance and a gardener’s dream.

They are not only beautiful but also repeat all summer long. This flower is tough, disease-resistant, cold hardy and require little to no fussing. Making roses, the elite in the flower chain, and the dream of every garden lover.

All these roses require is a sunny atmosphere and a large container. And in a good, large-sized container, a rose can thrive! It is keeping in mind all of this that I have done my research, collected data, and made you guys a guide. On How To Plant Roses in Pots and Tips On Thriving Roses.

Best Pots for Roses

Following is a list of the best pots for roses that you can buy for your next rose bunch!

Rose PlantersRating
McConkey Square Nursery pot 10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel9/10
Terracotta Nursery Clay Pots8/10
Honeysuckle patio planter 9/10
Rivet Modern Geometric Ceramic Planter 8.5/10
Full depth Cylinder pot9.5/10

1. McConkey Square Nursery Pot

Things we love:

  • Made with a high-quality bpa-free formula
  • Large and breathable for plant
  • Durable
  • Sturdy for heavy planters

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2. Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel

Things we love:

  • Lightweight yet sturdy 
  • Maneuverable 
  • UV protected finishing
  • Drainage holes

✅ UV paint prevents colour fading❌ Faux Wood
✅ Durable with high density resin finish❌ Is not as high quality

3.Terracotta Nursery Clay Pots

Things we love:

  • Great for outdoor or indoor usage 
  • Multipurpose
  • Drainage holes

✅ 48 Terracotta material pots❌ Easily chips
✅ Perfect air circulation❌ Inconsistent drainage hole size

4. Honeysuckle Planter Patio Pot

Things we love:

  • Heavy-duty ceramic look
  • Drillable drainage holes
  • UV protectant top coat
  • Multipurpose!

✅ Wide and large in size❌ Not real ceramic
✅ UV protection coat❌ No drainage hole

5. Rivet Modern Geometric Planter

Things we love:

  • High quality stoneware
  • Unique tribal design
  • Rose gold plant

✅ Large span❌ No drainage holes
✅ Perfect with or without a planter❌ Poor quality finish

6. Full Depth White Cylinder Rose Pot

Things we love:

  • Durable
  • Maneuverable
  • Deep-set planting space
  • Comes with built-in tray

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How To Plant Roses In Pots:

Rose is plant that requires little to no hard work at all. Which is why its so unique. So lets find out the easy steps to plant a rose into a pot or into the ground.

Correct rose: Make sure that you have the correct kind of rose. A fragrant, disease-resistant, and compact rose would be perfect to groom. Climber and large shrub roses or even low growing roses should be avoided.

Size: As mentioned, roses require a large container, so the bigger your container is, the better! The size should be ideally 8 to 15 gallons in range for the rose to achieve its premium size and health.

Material: Choosing the right quality of the container is also important! Plastic and Fiberglass pots tend to take the win here but they are lightweight and can tip over. Wood is good but will deteriorate with the passage of time. Terracotta is also porous, which gives it a great air circulation, however it dries out quite fast. Concrete and ceramic is long-lasting and perfect for permanent planting.

Drainage system: Make sure you have functional drainage in order for your rose to survive and leak out any unwanted excess water. If your pot doesn’t offer a drainage, don’t worry! You can drill one yourself!

Choosing the right pot: You can click here for our article on what kind of pot you should use for the respective flowers and so on.

Soil: Finding the perfect soil mix is something that can either make or break your planters. Which is exactly why we made a guide and detailed article about it. You can find out more about it here.

Once you have that down, you’re ready to pot your roses. Use this video guide to help you now pot your roses either into the ground or into your newly bought pot.

Additional Information

Tips On Thriving Roses:

Once you have got that covered, here are some common questions and tips or trick that you can use to make sure that the roses you pot, turn out healthy and amazing!

Roses can survive the harsh winters! But will go dry if they do not get enough water or sunlight. Simply keep them in an area or patio where they get a few hours of sunlight during the day and water them so they do not dry out.

Roses tend to grow only as much as their species allows them to. So if you want your roses to grow bigger and larger in size, try investing and researching for a different kind of rose. There are over hundreds of different kinds of roses, all varying from one another. Some roses grow smaller or bigger than the other. Hence, make sure you do your research on what type of rose you want.

Information You Should Know About Roses:

Roses can be heavy feeders. Especially the container grown roses, they require extra attention and care when it comes to fertilizing. Thus, fertilize your roses each year once, preferably in spring with a portion of slow-release organic rose food.

Deadheading a container rose sounds scary. But dont worry, simply must remove the spent blooms in order to achieve a long season of fresh flowers. What you have to do, is deadhead a bloom by clipping the root/stem back o the fresh couple of leaves and youre done!

 Now that you have all of this information. what are you waiting for? Lets get you a rose planter and lets get our hands dirty! 


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