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Orchids have been a popular choice of flower around the world as autumn approaches. So, for multiple purposes of smell, decorations & to beautify, people want to grow orchids at home. 

However, there is only ONE problem. Finding the perfect pots for orchids is really tough as there are a lot of options going around.

That is why, for your ease, after a lot of research on the topic & contemplating for hours, I have come up with the list of Best Pots for Orchids that you can benefit from. This list will help you find the perfect match for your house & save you a lot of time in the process.

Not only that, I have also included guides on “How to care for orchids in pots” & “How to grow orchids” from seeds as well. So stay along & find all the answers to your questions about orchids care here.

Best Pots for Orchids 2021

Although these pots can be used for multiple purposes (i.e. to plant succulents etc) as well, here are our picks for the Top Pots for Orchids available online:

Orchid PotsRating
TRUEDAYS Orchid Plastic Pot 10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Potey Ceramic Flower Pot 9.5/10
Round Ceramic Orchid Pot 9/10
White gold indoor orchid pot 10/10
Mkono Plastic Indoor Planters 8/10
Pennington Lattice Design Pot 8.5/10
Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter 9.5/10
Mkono Orchid Pots with Holes and Mesh 9/10

1. TRUEDAYS 5.5 inch Pack of 4 Orchid Clear Plastic Pots

clear plastic pots for orchidsWhy we love it

  • Pack of 4 with cheap price
  • Ideal for all Orchid types
  • Large pots can be used for long term usage

✅ Circulate air through roots❌ None
✅ Very Budget Friendly

2. Potey 2 Ceramic Planters – Minimalistic Orchid Pots

ceramic pots for orchidsWhy we love it

  • Drainage hole are handmade with detailing
  • Comes with a plug installed for indoor use
  • Comes with a 30 day guarantee

✅ Mesh sheets included❌ Prone to cracks after a long period of time
✅ Affordable range
✅ Aesthetic Colors

3. 5.9inch Round Ceramic Orchid Pot Flower Pot

ceramic pots for orchidsWhy we love it

  • Leak proof design to prevent all water mess
  • Made of real porcelain ceramic and hand glazed matte finish
  • Guaranteed refund if you do not like it

✅ Smooth Finishing❌ The legs of the products are not even
✅ Reasonable Price
✅ No leakages

4. 6 Inch White Gold Indoor Orchid Pot

glass pots for orchidsWhy we love it

  • Not only stylish, but also very functional
  • Keep the water inside or drain anytime you want
  • Can make the soil absorb water automatically

✅ Doesn’t flake or show any sign of wear❌ None
✅ Quick arrival
✅ Stunning colors & design

5. Mkono 6.5 Inch 5 Plastic Indoor Planters 

decorative pots for orchidsWhy we love it

  • Made with Eco-Friendly Durable Material
  • Optional drainage system drilled in the bottom
  • Set of 5 planters for reasonable price

✅ Mesh sheets included❌ Prone to cracks after a long period of time
✅ Affordable range
✅ Aesthetic Colors

6. Pennington Lattice Design Pot for Orchids

clay pots for orchidsWhy we love it

  • Lattice pot design gives the house an antique look
  • Bronze color adds to the style
  • Includes a saucer inside for free

✅ Great air passage❌ Expensive
✅ Extravagant look

7. Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter Pot

large orchid potsWhy we love it 

  • Neutral colors allow this planter to fit any style.
  • Made out of 100% stone
  • Amazing for growing & holding plants

✅ Pleasing to the eye & the plant❌ Expensive
✅ Breath-taking design

8. Mkono 7 Inch 2 Plastic Orchid Pots with Holes and Mesh 

orchid pots for saleWhy we love it

  • Specifically designed for Orchidaceae
  • High quality PP plastic is used
  • It comes with mesh inside so your plant will thrive

✅ Reasonable Price❌ Sauces too small
✅ Mesh allows the plant to expand


The above mentioned small, medium & large orchid pots have been compiled in a list of the best pots for orchids after much contemplation and research of orchid pots reviews.

This list for the top planters for orchids will definitely help you find the perfect orchid planters for your home/office. Whether it be clay pots for orchids or transparent pots for orchids, we make sure you are aware of their pros & cons.

So look out for some great orchid pots for sale. There are certain characteristics that need to be taken into account while considering options between planters & pots for orchids. These may include the optimum size, shape, mesh (included or not) & depth of your orchid pot.

How to Care for Orchids in Pots

So, you got yourself some nice orchdis & found the most amazing orchid pots out there, GOOD WORK. But now comes the real question. How do you take care of your orchids in the pots? How to make sure they don’t die? All these questions are important to be asked for great orchid care. So let us inform you about it a bit more.

Orchid care indoor & outdoor

Taking good care of your orchids is different when they’re grown indoors or outdoors. First off, you need to check if the pot you’re getting is one of the pots for orchids indoors, if not, look for the perfect one. Now for indoor usage, you have to make sure that water the orchids more, but not frequently.

Give your orchids the time & space to be dry, because frankly, sometimes they do need to dry out to develop. One way to do this is to poke your finger inside the soil to check the moisture.

It is also important to place these flower pots for orchids somewhere near the brightest window in the room. Humidity plays a key role in keeping your orchids alive & thriving.


However, when these orchid pots are placed outside in the sun, things can get a little trippy during the summers. Please note that buying ceramic planters for orchids is not a good option if you’re planning on putting these pots outdoors.

For outdoor orchid care, you must take special measures to keep the orchids healthy in the summers. This can be done my places some ice inside the orchid pot once in a while. Here’s a resource that can help you grow better orchids indoor.

I do not recommend using normal containers for doing this even if they are the most amazing orchid containers in the market. Although clear pots for orchids will work perfect outside.

best pots for orchids

Tips on growing Orchids at home

One of the main problems with growing at home is not using the right type of pot. Now, using glass pots for orchids might seem like a great idea, but honestly, it’s not worth it.

Most glass pots do not have a drainage hole in the bottom, this becomes a major problem which affects the growth of your orchid [/su_note]

Before growing the orchids, consider the temperature of your environment. The atmosphere matters more than you think it does. Look for the amazing orchid containers available & make sure to look out for pests & insects that may stun your plant’s growth.

And finally, keep realistic expectations of what is to come. If you’re still not sure on how to grow these orchids perfect, here is a detailed resource that could help you.

 So, get your gardening kits & get ready to get your hands dirty. And remember, we always got your back. Happy planting!  


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