best pots for indoor plants

best pots for plants indoorAnne Frank once said:

 I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles. 

If that is the case, then keeping indoor plants ought to be a basic segment of each home. However, there is only one problem. Finding the best pots for indoor plants is not an easy job.

So, to provide you with ease, after spending a long time on research, I have enlisted the top unique indoor plants pots which you can buy online. These pots can be used for a variety of house plants. From succulents to orchids, these can be used for multiple types of plants. Furthermore, I have also include a guide on “How to care for indoor plants” & “Tips for indoor plants.” So go on, and select the most suitable house pot that fits your needs.

Best pots for Indoor plants 2019

Here is a list on our top picks for pots that you can get online:

Indoor Plant PotsRating
5-Pack Macrame Plant Hangers 9/10
Ceramic Planter Flower Pot 9.5/10
SUN-E Modern Style Marble Pot 8/10
Woven Cotton Rope Planter 8.5/10
Self Watering + Self Aerating Indoor Pot 9/10
White Ceramic Beautiful Flower Pot 9/10
Greenaholics Pattern Cylinder Planter 8/10
Cute Sloth Hanging Planter 9/10
Multicolored Circle Flower Pots 10/10 (Editor's Choice)
AppyHut 3.8 inch Marble Finish Pots 9.5/10
Rosoli 4pcs Ceramics Indoor Planter 9/10

1. 5-Pack Macrame Plant Hangers with 5 Hooks

midcentury modern planterWhy we love it:

  • Easy to use
  • One size fits most of the plant sizes
  • Save a whole lot of space

✅ Made of natural cotton, washable and durable.❌ Very Delicate
✅ Graceful look

2. Potey Ceramic Planter Flower Plant Pot

decorative indoor flower potsWhy we love it

  • Great handmade drainage hole
  • Comes with a plug for indoor use
  • 30-day Guarantee

✅ Affordable range❌ Prone to cracks after a period of time
✅ Aesthetic Color

3. SUN-E Modern Style Marbling Ceramic Flower Pot

indoor air purifying plantsWhy we love it

  • Elegant & attractive look
  • Sturdy and good quality material
  • Ideal size for all size plants

✅ Geometric texture❌ Starts flaking after some time
✅ Can survive a fall from the table

4. TIMEYARD Woven Cotton Rope Plant

best planters for indoor plantsWhy we love it

  • Handcrafted meticulously with natural, sustainable cotton
  • Give a Modern Flair to your House
  • Foldable and can save space when not in use

✅ Sturdy Eco-Friendly Metarial❌ Have to iron to get rid of wrinkles
✅ Can fit any size plants

5. Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Pot

pots for indoor plants for saleWhy we love it

  • Self-water up to 2-3 weeks
  • Self-Aerating so air always passes
  • Intended for indoor AND outdoor use

✅ Prevent Fungal diseases❌ Expensive
✅ Amazing watering system

6. White Ceramic Flower Pot With Gold Detailing

pots for indoor plants for saleWhy we love it

  • Similar hues makes them looks flawlessly!
  • Look good both indoors & outdoors
  • Most compliment stealing pots

✅ Comes with removable plug❌ Filmsy
✅ Incredible quality

7. Greenaholics Pattern Cylinder Ceramic Planter

decorative plant pots indoorWhy we love it

  • Novel Pattern Design
  • Perfect as a housewarming gift
  • Suitable for little succulent, cactus and herbs

✅ Budget Friendly❌ Small sized
✅ Glazed inside & out

8. Cute Sloth Ceramic Hanging Planter

midcentury modern planterWhy we love it

  • An adorable sloth can charm your guest!
  • Made of sturdy ceramic with a clean finish
  • Perfect gift for animal lovers

✅ Strong hanging ability❌ Expensive
✅ Great for air plants

9. Truedays Set of 6 Multicolored Circle Flower pots

decorative plant pots indoorWhy we love it

  • Holes for air circulation
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Mind blowing quality and packaging

✅ Optimum for tiny plants❌ None
✅ Long lasting
✅ Budget friendly

10. AppyHut 3.8 inch Marble Finish Pots

modern indoor plantersWhy we love it

  • Comes with really cute bamboo saucers
  • Great way to keep plants healthy & area clean
  • Money-back guarantee

✅ Good fit for tiny plants❌ None
✅ Amazing value for money

11. Rosoli 4pcs Ceramics Indoor Planter

modern indoor plantersWhy we love it

  • Minimalism design to make your room concise
  • Waterproof tray to prevent spilling
  • Perfectly styled

✅ Optimum size❌ Can't fit large plants
✅ Great value for money


Indoor plants are well known in light of the fact that they are relatively simple to deal with & give health advantages.

The mentioned indoor plant pots have been compiled in a list of best pots for indoor plants after a lot of contemplation & research on the topic of Indoor decorative planters. This list will definitely help you find the pots/planters of your choice. Whether you’re looking for ceramic pots for indoor plants or some plastic indoor plant pot, our list has all of them.

In case you’re still not sure if you should get indoor plants or not, some of this information may help tell you the importance of indoor plants.

What are Indoor Plants Exactly?

Indoor plants include a variety of plants which do not require the specific needs that the outdoor plants need. They can be used as a ornament to your house when put inside a decorative indoor plants pot. These plants may include succulents, cactus, orchids & other forms of easy care indoor plants. However, finding the best houseplants also requires much research on the topic.

If you’re interested in knowing how indoor plants purify your air, here is a resource that will help.

 Advantage: Indoor air purifying plants will keep the oxygen coming and circulate clean air inside the house.  

plant saucer ideas

How to Pot Indoor Plants

Mostly, these plants come in containers, so all you have to do is get an indoor plant pots with saucers and put the plant inside them. But if your houseplant is getting too big, you will need to search for tall indoor planters & select one of those. This will help your plant to be contained and spread less mess inside the house.

How to Grow Indoor Plants

Here comes the tricky part, growing indoor plants is not an easy job. It is suggested to buy & plant them into pots, but if you want to grow them, there are some ways of doing that too. Plant a tiny succulent & take care of it regularly and watch it grow into a thriving plant.

Get the best soil for indoor plants & the greatest seeds and put them into the pot. Time will show you the results. Keep experimenting like this & soon you will get the hang of what to do & what not to do. Also, if you’re planning on growing some sorts of flowers such as orchids, look for the best pots for orchids here.

How to Care for Indoor Plants

Indoor plants care and maintenance is just as important as outdoor plant care. However, unlike outdoor plants, indoor plants require less amount of water and sunlight. After getting the house plant pots and putting the plant inside them, you will need to place the plant somewhere near the sun. Do good research on the type of plant you are potting before getting one that doesn’t suit your environment.

If the saucer comes with the planter, then use that, but sometimes when the saucer does not come with it, you will need to search around for plant saucer alternative or use a plate (Not suggested as it ruins the aesthetic of the pot)

Tips for Indoor Plants

Water – Now the question of how to water indoor plants completely depend on your type of indoor plant & the environment that you are living in. Abstain from over-watering the houseplant (especially in the winters), but don’t water too less.

Soil – Looking for the best potting soil for indoor plants online is your key to a healthy thriving plant.

Light – As mentioned earlier, putting your houseplant near the window most of the time works wonders for the plant. That said, if you do not have a window where sunlight comes in, you can look for grow lights for indoor plants and get the most suitable one.

Pot – People often ask “why is the color of plant pots important”, and the answer is simple. It’s not exactly important much, however, the important part is getting the best pots for plants indoor.

Saucer – The saucer is basically a shallow dish which prevents any water from leaking onto the table on your house. Almost all of the pots in this list come with a saucer, if not, looking for plant saucer alternatives & ideas is your only option, unless you want a messy house.

 So, get your gardening kits in hand and get the perfect pots for indoor plants. Get ready to get your hands dirty. And remember, we always got your back. Happy gardening!   [simple-author-box]

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