I hope you can agree with me when i say that:

 “The stiffest trees are most easily cracked, while the bamboo survives by bending in the wind. Its a plant that’s delicate yet strong, flexible yet firm” 

Bamboos are usually an outdoor plant, with that being said, it is quite difficult to grow a plant like this indoors. It requires great care, and peculiar kinds of pots in order to survive and thrive inside your homes. 

And its because of this common problem, that after spending hours of carrying out extensive research that we have gathered a list of one of the best pots and containers for bamboo. From ceramic pots, to plastic and fiber plastic containing boxes. These planters will prove themselves to be perfect for your next bamboo plant.

Moreover, i have also included a guide on, ‘Best Soil for Bamboo Plants’, ‘How to Plant Bamboo’, ‘How to Care for Bamboo Plants in Pots’ and more F.A.Qs to help you start off your bamboo plant hobby!

Best Pots for Bamboo Plants:

Bamboo plantsRating
Fox&Fern Mid Century Pot 10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Peach & Pebble Creamic Planter 9/10
Greenaholics Hexagon Planter
Omysa Ceramic Indoor Planter 9.5/10
Costa Farms Lucky Bamboo Planter 8/10
Brussels Indoor Bamboo Container
GreenBox Lucky Bamboo Vase 7.5/10

1. Fox & Fern Mid Century Pot:

Why we love it:

  • Available in a range of different sizes
  • Handmade fiberstone material
  • Comes with a plant stand
  • A lifetime warranty

✅ Sturdy and a simple minimalistic planter❌ Not a high quality planter

✅ Fiberstone material and lightweight
❌ Too thin and lightweight to hold a bamboo plant

A glossy white plant that will fit your bamboo planter just perfectly! Bamboo plants require a pot that is low and wider in width and this is exactly that! Made from lightweight material, it is mobile and easy to move around indoors for decoration. It comes with a sturdy plant holder for added aesthetic design, giving you not only a healthy plant but also a stable one that matches with your house.

However this planter is a little too lightweight which can risk your bamboo plant to tip over and fall from its weight. After all bamboo is a heavy plant and needs a sturdy, heavy base.

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2. Peach & Pebble Ceramic Planter:

Why we love it:

  • Pure ceramic porcelain ceramic planter
  • Includes a drainage hole
  • Hand glazed container
  • Aesthetic colour variety 

✅ High quality crafted design and pot
❌ The stopper can leak and spill water

✅ Includes a removable plug

3. Greenaholics Hexagon Planter:

Why we love it:

  • Trendy hexagon pattern 
  • Durable quality
  • Handmade plant pots

✅ Sturdy and hardy pots
❌ Can be a little small for bamboo plants

✅ Affordable and adorable!

4. Omysa Ceramic Indoor Planter:

Why we love it:

  • Choose from a range of colours
  • Includes a planter stand
  • Handcrafted design

✅ Premium handcrafted clay
❌Drainage hole is not as sturdy

✅ 100% american black walnut stand

5. Brussels Indoor Bamboo Plant:

Why we love it:

  • Comes along with care instructions
  • Perfect for decor and a centrepiece
  • Includes water pot and soil

✅ User friendly instructions
❌The live plant itself can come pre-damaged

✅ Includes their own soil

6. Costa Farms Lucky Bamboo Plant:

Why we love it:

  • Comes in a patterned ceramic pot
  • Glued decorative rocks
  • Includes lucky bamboo plant

✅ No fertilizer needed

❌Its set in a plastic container inside the ceramic container
✅ Resilient plant

7. GreenBox Lucky Bamboo Vase:

Why we love it:

  • Comes with its lucky bamboo plant
  • Perfect for decor
  • Grows without soil

✅ Requires maintenance one every two months only

❌Not enough rocks
✅ Heavy weighted glass container

❌Shoots can dry out quicker

Best Soil For Bamboo Plants

Using a potting mix without any moisture-control type of additive should work great for you bamboo trees. You can read more about how to pick and choose the kind of soil for your bamboo planters, according to their environment and species, here. 

As there are different kinds of bamboos, such as moso, that require more specific types of soil with particular kinds of PH level waters and slope conditions. Hence, every bamboo requires and deserves to be potted in soils that suit them best and help them thrive!

How to Plant Bamboo

While bamboo can be a tricky plant to grow, as it requires a certain climate that’s not too hot or too cold. This plant is one of a kind, it’s inexpensive, and can easily add a special something to your indoor garden. So here’s how you plant a bamboo:

  • Pick the bamboo species that suits your climate: As there are different types of bamboo and all vary from one another, you must find the bamboo plant that fits your climate the best. If you live in a warmer country, you can go for ‘Alphonse Karr, Borinda Boliana and Phyllostachys Nigra. The first two being clump bamboos and last two being running bamboos. Whereas if you live in a cooler climate, the type Fargesia Darcocephala or the Pleioblastus Viridistriatus would be perfect. The first one being a clumping type of bamboo and the second being a running type.
  • Pick the best spot for your plant: As bamboos need a lot of sun, pick a spot in your house, so your bamboo planter can get 8 or more hours of sun daily!
  • Plant during the spring: This is to prevent frosts and dying of plants. Hence grow them in warm, frost-free temperatures as it grows quickly.
  • Water your bamboo daily: for maintenance. Make sure your bamboo roots do not sit in excess water as that could damage the plant.

How to Care for Bamboo Plants in Pots

  • Pick a plant that’s vibrant and green in colour. It should be green all over, with no yellowing or bruising. Although caring for a bamboo plant isn’t too hard, if you don’t get one that’s not healthy, then taking care would prove to be harder!
  • Make sure its planted properly and you use the correct soil
  • Decide between water or soil. If you grow it in standing water,make sure you have pebbles to hold it upright. If you grow it in soil, make sure to soak the soil in water enough that its moist.
  • Choose the right container. Use the list we designed for you to pick the right bamboo planter for you. It should be about 2 inches larger in diameter than the planet itself.
  • Water it sparingly.
  • Keep it in direct sunlight to promote growth!
  • Remove dead or yellow leaves
  • Propagate your plant. Cutting them will ensure that it doesn’t get overcrowded for your pot.
  • Tie the stalks with a ribbon! This is to hold the arrangement in place, and to bring you good luck and fortune!

 Now that you have the entire guidance and manual on how to take care of your bamboo planter, and what are the best to use for it, what are you waiting for? Lets get planning now! 


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