best pots for aloe vera plants

Pot for Aloe Vera PlantsI hope you agree with me when I say:

 When it comes to sprucing up your house and health, spending a little green on greens can go a long way 

If that is the case, keeping and growing your own plants ought to be an essential segment of each home, especially aloe vera plants. However, there is only one problem. Finding the perfect pots for aloe vera plants is not an easy job.

Hence, to provide you with ease, after spending hours on research and contemplation, i have compiled a list of the 8 best pots for aloe plants that will beautify your house and look really aesthetic. Moreover, I have also included guide on “How To Grow Aloe Vera At Home?” and “Aloe Vera Care Indoors & Outdoors” for further information.

Best Pots For Aloe Vera Plants 2021

Here are our top picks for the most ideal pots for aloe vera that you can plant inside your home or in your porch:

Aloe Vera PotsRating
POTEY Ceramic Pot with Saucer 10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Bloem Terra Cotta Self-Watering Pot9/10
Ceramic Aloe Vera Pot with Detailing9.5/10
Modern Cement Planter w/ Drainage Hole 9/10
Self Aerating + Self Watering Pot 9/10
Ceramic Aloe Pot w/ Bamboo Tray 8/10
Greenaholics Matt Ceramic Pots9.5/10
Chive Ceramic Aloe Vera Pot 9/10

1. POTEY Ceramic Aloe Plant Pot with Saucer

Why we love it:

  • Matte black finish is perfect for resisting scratches, dirt, and fingerprint
  • Comes with a drain hole at the bottom and a removable saucer
  • Provide the strongest packing to protect the goods from damage

✅ Modern Design❌ A Little Pricey
✅ Great Drainage
✅ Durable for a Long Time

2. Bloem Terra Cotta Self-Watering Pot

Why we love it:

  • Save you time by reducing watering frequency
  • Matte finish is perfect for resisting scratches, dirt, and fingerprints
  • Allows you to drill drainage hole according to your needs

✅ Customizable Drainage Hole❌ Not Good for Over-waterers
✅ Perfect for Vacations
✅ 100% UV Stabilized

3. Ceramic Pot with White and Silver Detailing [Set of 2]

Why we love it:

  • Created with sturdy ceramic
  • Painted beautifully with white and silver
  • Outdoor and Indoor Use With Drainage Hole

✅ Unique Design with Crackle Finish❌ Prone to Chipping
✅ Variety of Aesthetic Design
✅ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

4. Modern Cement Container with Drainage Hole

Why we love it:

  • Perfect Pot for Aloe Vera Plants
  • Made from High Quality Cement
  • Give an Elegant Look to your Home/Office

✅ Durable Concrete Material❌ No water tray included
✅ Modern & Vibrant
✅ Ideal for Modern & Decent Themes

5. Self Aerating + Self Watering High Drainage Pot

unique pots for succulentsWhy we love it:

  • Self-water up to 2-3 weeks
  • Self-Aerating so air always passes
  • Intended for indoor AND outdoor use

✅ Prevent Fungal diseases❌ Expensive
✅ Amazing watering system

6. Ceramic Aloe Vera Pot with Bamboo Tray

Why we love it:

  • Perfect for Holding Cactus & Aloe Vera
  • Japanese Style Porcelain Handicraft
  • Drainage Hole & Saucer Included

✅ Easy Matching Style❌ Saucer Does Not Work Well
✅ Top-Quality Clay Used
✅ Aesthetic Style

7. Greenaholics Matt Ceramic Aloe Vera Pots [Set of 2]

Why we love it:

  • Medium Size for Suitable Aloe Plant
  • High Quality Pure Glaze Bring Soft Touch
  • Great Choice for Home Decor and Gift

✅ Superior Stain Resistance❌ No Waterproof Tray Included
✅ Easy to Maintain
✅ Available in 4 Designs

8. Chive Ceramic Aloe Vera Pot with Drainage Hole

Why we love it:

  • Available in Ton of Colors
  • Unique Aloe Vera Pot for Stylish Home Decor
  • Comes With a Cute Saucer

✅ Drainage Pot With Saucer❌ Expensive
✅ Adds Elegance & Color To Your House
✅ Great Craftsmanship


The above mentioned aloe vera pots have been compiled in a list of best pots for aloe vera plants after much research and contemplation of  aloe vera pots reviews. From this list. you will surely find the perfect flower pots for aloe plants and provide you further help on taking care, re-potting and watering your plant.

Aloe Vera Care Indoors & Outdoors

Taking Care of Aloe Vera Indoors

Placement – Place your aloe plant in indirect sunlight, but not too low. Aloe vera do not grow well in low light.

Watering – Water your plant thoroughly and deeply, but not frequently. Allow your soil to dry at least 2 inches underneath.

Here is a short review of aloe vera that might further help you!

Taking Care of Aloe Vera Outdoors

Repot – Repot only when root bound.

Fertilization – Aloe usually do not need to be fertilized but you can if you’d like to by getting the perfect potting mix.

Temperature – Most aloe vera plants bloom in late winters or early spring.

How To Grow Aloe Vera At Home?

It is recommended to get an aloe vera plant from a nursery and then further grow it inside your own home garden. Before you purchase an aloe, note that you’ll require an area that offers splendid, circuitous daylight (or, counterfeit daylight). For growth at home, it is very important to get the perfect planter/pot for your suitable environment (indoors or outdoors).

While choosing the best pot, keep in mind to get one with a drainage hole at the bottom. Growing aloe vera plants in pots is more so about how you care for your plant, rather than where it’s placed at all times of the day. In short, you need to look after your aloe plant at least 2 times a day and water it (or just get a self watering pot)

If you want a visual guide on plantation or growing of aloe vera, this resource will help you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aloe Vera

Q. How Much Water Does An Aloe Plant Need?

A. An aloe vera plant requires water only when you feel like the soil it dry. But water it deeply and thoroughly when you do.

Q. How Much Sun Does An Aloe Plant Need?

A. The plant should be in indirect sunlight to grow to its full potential. Do not place in direct sunlight!

Q. How To Keep An Aloe Vera Plant Alive?

A. Water on time, keep away from direct sunlight and make sure you’re using the perfect pot according to your environment and you’re set to go.

 So, get your gardening kits & get the greatest pots on the market. Get ready to get your hands dirty. And remember, we always got your back! Happy planting! 


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