best planters for strawberries

I hope you will agree with me when I say:

 Growing your own food is like printing your own money 

That said, growing fruits in your house may not sound as easy as most people say it is. And that is because the pots or planters you are using to grow strawberries is something very essential that most people miss out on. So, to provide you with ease, I have enlisted the top planters for strawberries that you can use to grow perfect & juicy strawberries in the comfort of your house.

Furthermore to elevate your stress, I have also included a guide on “How to grow strawberries in pots” & “Tips for growing strawberries.

Best Planters for Strawberries 2021:

Here are our top picks for pots that you can get online:

Best Planters for StrawberriesRating
5-Tier Strawberry Planter (With Saucer)10/10 [Editor's Choice]
3 Tier Stackable Planter 9/10
Mr. Stacky 5-Tier Pot 8/10
Anleolife 7 Gallon Grow Bags 8.5/10
5 Tier Stackable Planter 8/10
Nature's Distributing Stacking Planters 9/10
Pri Gardens Hanging Strawberry Planter 8/10

1. 5-Tier Strawberry Garden Planter [Saucer Included]

Why we love it:

  • Easy to assemble by yourself
  • Aesthetic look + Functional features
  • Not enough space needed

✅ Saves Space❌ Air circulation is not that good
✅ Great for outdoor usage

2. 3-Tier Stackable Herb Garden Planter Set

Why we love it:

  • UV Protected – Flow Through Design
  • Easy to place indoors/in the kitchen
  • Great watering and air circulation

✅ Multipurpose use❌ None
✅ Can hold upto 12 strawberry plants

3. Mr. Stacky 5-Tier Strawberry Planter Pot

Why we love it:

  • Flow Through Design – Prevents Over Watering
  • Easily create grow tower
  • Very sturdy material used

✅ Removable saucer❌ Expensive
✅ Prevents over or under-watering

4. Anleolife 10-Pack 7 Gallon Strawberries Grow Bags

Why we love it:

  • Encourages root pruning
  • Fabric bags allow air to circulate
  • Easy to fold & store

✅ Simple to move around❌ None
✅ Prevents over-watering

5. 5 Tier Stackable Strawberry Planter

Why we love it:

  • You only have to water at the top
  • Upto 20 plants in 5 tiers
  • Saucer Included

✅ Flow Through Design❌ Colors might fade overtime
✅ Versatile Use

6. Nature’s Distributing Stacking Planters [5 Tier]

Why we love it:

  • Patented Flow Grid System
  • Free grid & chain included
  • Aesthetic unique design that takes breath away

✅ Lush Look❌ Need to be balanced properly
✅ Detachable tiers

7. Pri Gardens Hanging Strawberry Planter for Strawberry

Why we love it:

  • Strong washable material used
  • Can manage 20+ strawberry plants
  • Hanging design gives a professional look

✅ Lush Look❌ Need to be balanced properly
✅ Detachable tiers


The above mentioned strawberry planters have been compiled in a list of best planters for strawberries after much research of strawberry pots reviews.

This list will for sure help you find the unique strawberry planters for your home/office of all strawberry container sizes, whether in the form of grow bags or hanging planters.

How to Grow Strawberries in Pots

Any and all type of strawberry will produce fruit in containers. Here are a few factors which might help you grow the perfect strawberry plant.

Preparing the Plant – Strawberries can be grown from either bare-root crowns or seedlings. However, keep in mind that seedlings will produce them faster than the bare-root crowns.

Potting Soil – Using the optimum loamy potting mix that holds water but drain away any waste excess

Type of Strawberry Pot – This one goes without saying but there are many options to grow the plant in your house. There are hanging strawberry planter, grow bags and tier pots.

You can get more instructions related to this here.

Why Grow Strawberries in Planters

There are multiple reasons as to why you should grow strawberries at home.

Saves space – Planting in your patio will save a lot of space.

Pest Control – Pests are not an issue when dealt with home grown strawberries or any plant for that matter.

Tips for Growing Strawberries

Water your strawberries at whatever point the dirt feels dry around one inch underneath the surface. You don’t need the plants to sit in water or spongy soil, yet you additionally don’t need them to stay dry for quite a long time and begin to shrivel. Here is a resource that might help you understand the difference in growing in the ground vs growing in pots.

Strawberries produce best on the off chance that they are permitted to go torpid in the winter. Be that as it may, the roots may solidify in colder zones, and a few compartments will split whenever left out in frosty temperatures.

So, get your gardening kits & get the greatest pots on the market. Get ready to get your hands dirty. And remember, we always got your back! Happy planting!


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