I hope you will all agree with me when I say

 “A green lawn in the hot summer days really cools the eyes off” 

And its true, the color green has been scientifically found to be very calming for the eyes. And to keep the lawn in a greener shade you need to use the best lawn fertilizers for summers.

With so many fertilizers on the market, it becomes mind-boggling for the customer to find the best for themselves. Moreover, questions like when should I fertilize my lawn, how often should I do it, what is the best one for grass and even how to fertilize lawns arise in the minds.

We have taken this upon ourselves to research for you the Top 6 fertilizers so that you can really narrow down and streamline your search for the best lawn fertilizers in summers. We also have included a guide in the end after the Conclusion that tells you All You Need To Know about fertilizing lawns.

Best Lawn Fertilizers For Summer 2021

Scotts Turf Builder SummerGuard Lawn Food with Insect Control 9.5/10 (Editor's Choice)
Simple Lawn Solutions Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK Fertilizer9/10
Espoma LS36 Organic Lawn Starter Seed 8.5/10
Scotts Turf Builder Summer Lawn Food, 4,000 sq. ft.
Ultimate 3-18-18 NPK- Lawn Food 8/10
Azomite Micronized Bag 7.5/10
Milogrante Organic Nitrogen 7.3/10

1.Scotts Turf Builder SummerGuard Lawn Food with Insect Control, 5,000 sq. ft.

Why we love it:

  • Feeds and strengthens the lawn against heat.
  • Kills and protects against listed bugs.

✅ Perfect for boosting growth in spring.
❌Can burn your lawn.
✅Protects against pests and insects.
❌Not pet and child friendly.
✅ Water absorption is enhanced.

2.Simple Lawn Solutions Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK Fertilizer

Why we love it:

  • Safe, natural and free of harsh chemicals.
  • Enhances the soils.

✅ Complete NPK lawn food.
❌Can be difficult to mix.
✅Easy to use and applicable on all grass type.❌Can also promote weed growth.
✅ Contains high quality feed grade ingredients.

3.Espoma LS36 Organic Lawn Starter Seed

Why we love it

  • You can get the most out of bag with a spreader.
  • Organic composition
  • Has a non-burning formula.

✅ High phosphorus content for better roots.
❌Very expensive.
✅Bio-tone microbes will keep the grass hydrated.❌Requires effort and care.
✅ Extra calcium increases plant immunity.

4.Scotts Turf Builder Summer Lawn Food, 4,000 sq. ft.

Why we love it:

  • Safe on all grass types.
  • 2 in 1 lawn food and water maximizer

✅Green grass with 50% less water.
❌Not suitable for all grass types.
✅Powered by Everydrop technology.
❌May burn if not spread carefully.
✅Builds stronger roots.

5.Ultimate 3-18-18 NPK- Lawn Food

Why we love it:

  • Suitable for all grass types.
  • Easy to use and spread.

✅Micronized natural trace minerals
❌Sprayer is not of good quality.
✅Improves root systems, yields and plant health❌Provides non-essential deficient nutrients.
✅Re-mineralizes soil for optimum growth

6.Azomite Micronized Bag

Why we love it:

  • All-purpose lawn fertilizer.
  • For all soil and grass types


✅Micronized natural trace minerals
❌Sprayer is not of good quality.
✅Improves root systems, yields and plant health❌Provides non-essential deficient nutrients.
✅Re-mineralizes soil for optimum growth

7.Milorganite 0636 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

Why we love it:

  • Organic Composition.
  • Used for golf courses for decades.

✅ Rich in nitrogen and iron.❌Does not contain potassium and phosphate.
✅Non-toxic for children and pets


It really is difficult to choose the best lawn fertilizers especially for the summertime. There are different ones for plants, vegetables, fruits and grass itself. All require different conditions, care and temperatures to show the most optimum growth.

The list above has been specially tailored for summer lawn fertilizers specifically for grass. We want to ensure that our readers can find the best summer lawn fertilizers to have a greener and healthier lawn. The kind that makes the neighbors envious.

The guide below includes an in depth tutorial on How To Fertilize A Lawn which includes all aspects such as when to fertilize, how to put a fertilizer, when is the best time to fertilize the lawn etc. Make sure you read till the end to figure out the best lawn fertilizers for summer tailored specifically for you.

Additional Information

Lawns are the first thing anyone notices when they pass by or come at your place. Therefore, it requires a good amount of attention and care to make sure it looks healthy and tidy. One needs to clear off all the weed, water it properly and use the best fertilizers for lawns especially in the summer season since that is the best temperature to fertilize lawns in.

All You Need To Know:

Firstly, what you need to know when applying fertilizers in the summer is the kind of grass you have, the climate you live in and eventually what would be the final face of the lawn.

Climate for every part of the country is different for example Illinois is very humid and hot and has temperature fluctuations. On the contrary, Idaho has a relatively constant climate. This will greatly affect the lawn growth and the kind of fertilizer that is needed.

There are two kinds of grasses mainly.

  • Warm season like Bermuda
  • Cold season like rye

Warm season grass thrives to be very green and lush in the summers and hotter climates like of Illinois. They need fertilizers right before the greening season i.e. spring. That’s when you must prep the lawn.

Cool season grass has a wider tolerance to temperature and water shortage. They grow up and green in the spring and fall. Hence, they don’t need a lot of nitrogen fertilizers in the summers. Using it then may even burn the grass.

Types of Fertilizers:

Then comes the types of fertilizers. There mainly are two kinds.

  • Organic
  • Synthetic

Organic are made from more natural ingredients such as compost and manure. They are much safer around pets and kids since these fertilizers don’t really have toxic chemicals. However, they are thought to be more of soil conditioners rather than grass fertilizers. This means they can work better in long term however might not be the best option to grow your grass green and fast.

More About Synthetic Fertilizers

Synthetics fertilizers work much faster since these are manmade. They release the nutrients right into the soil. They basically comprise of three components

  • Nitrogen: helps to keep healthy leaves and stems.
  • Potassium: ensures a water balance in the plant.
  • Phosphorus: helps develop deeper and stronger roots.

There is an NPK number on synthetic fertilizers which show the amount of above-mentioned nutrients in them. This can be a good guiding factor when you are looking for synthetic fertilizers for your lawn.

Cool season grasses often respond better to organic fertilizer if it is to be applied during the summer months. It doesn’t burn or stress the lawn. Synthetic fertilizers should not be used on cool-season grasses in summer and must be used in the fall or spring.

I hope this article has been useful for you. If you liked this, please do read up on more of your writings. I will provide some related articles.

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